Convenient and Fresh Take and Bake Pizza

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Great pizza menu. I love that i can bake the pizza at home and eat it fresh out of the oven. I love their Big Combo and Pacific Island. Those are our two favorites, but recently we tried the Italian Combo and the Garlic Chicken and really liked them too. We usually eat here twice a month. The staff is friendly as well. Keep up the good work gang!

Gourmet Pizzas

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Enjoy one of our gourmet pizzas!  Choose from our selection of gourmet specialty pizzas or customize one to fit your needs.

Our Pizzas


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Enjoy our other sweet treats today!  We offer churro donuts as well as cookie dough.  Both make an excellent desert.  Your taste buds will thank you.


Other Items

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Other Items to Enjoy! We also offer Tamales and Chicken wings for you to take, bake and enjoy!

Other Items